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Dog Event Results

The Winners of the competitions held on the day are as follows:

Champion Lurcher


Merlin               Handler - Robert Jones

Scurry (Labrador & Retrievers)

1st Will-I-Am     Handler - Keith Welsh          21.25

2nd Puk           Handler - Ann Nash              22.44

3rd Mavis         Handler - Karen Pinker          23.62

Scurry (Spaniels)

1st Scott          Handler - Ian Flint                19.00

2nd Bryn          Handler - Tristan Witson       19.75

3rd Scott          Handler - Ian Flint                 22.68

GWA Scurry

1st Poppy        Handler - Richard Rowles       24.69

2nd Fen           Handler - Luke Gibbs             31.00


1st Trickster    Handler - Charlie Iles              22.95

Junior 1st Sky Handler - Lewis Douglas        22.49

Gundog Scramble

1st Gracey       Handler - John                      0.51

2nd Buster       Handler - Mike                      1.04

3rd Remy         Handler - Ross                     1.05


Thank you to everyone who took part in these events. We hope you will join us again next year.

Companion Dog Show

Dog Show

In Dog Show Arena – near South Catering

Choke chains are not permitted in the show ring

Held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations. Dogs/Bitches need not be registered with the Kennel Club. Dogs/Bitches not eligible for the Show are Puppies under 6 months and Dogs/Bitches that have won any of the following awards: Challenge Certificate, Reserve Challenge Certificate or Junior Warrant. Proceeds to The Countryside Foundation for Education.

Exhibitors and officials at the Companion Dog Show shall be subject to Kennel Club Rule A42.

Best in Show receives a trophy to keep as well as the perpetual Frampton Country Fair Companion Shield to be held for one year.

Entries taken from 11.00am near the Companion Dog Show Ring. £3 per entry. Rosettes 1st - 5th. Judging commences at 12.00noon.

Judges: Mr Mike Vines Steward: Celia Vines

Sponsor of all classes: Roger Skinner Ltd


  1. Any Variety Puppy – 6 - 12 months
  2. Any Variety Sporting – Hounds, Gun Dogs and Terriers
  3. Any Variety Non-Sporting – Utility, Working, Pastoral and Toys
  4. Any Variety Open

    Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show and Best Puppy

NOVELTY CLASSES (for Pedigree and Non Pedigree) Entries taken from 12.00noon. £2 per entry. Rosettes 1st - 5th. Judging commences after the Pedigree Classes.

Judge: Mrs Lyn Jones

Sponsors: Clip and Snip & WBH Kennelmate

  1. Best Rescued Dog or Bitch
  2. Any Variety Veteran – 7 years and over
  3. Child Handler 7 to 14 years
  4. Best Non Pedigree
  5. Best Adult Handler
  6. Best Condition
  7. Best Brace (Matching Pair)
  8. Best Countryman Companion
  9. Best Local Dog or Bitch (5-mile radius of Show)
  10. Best Tail Wagger
  11. Most Appealing Eyes
  12. Best Tit-Bit Catcher
  13. Dog or Bitch most like its Owner
  14. Dog or Bitch the Judge would most like to take Home 

Lurchers and Terriers


Terrier Racing

Terrier Show – Dog Show Arena near South Catering

Choke chains are not permitted in the show ring

Entries taken on the field. £2 per entry. Rosettes 1st - 5th. Judging commences at 11.00am.
Terrier Show NOT subject to Kennel Club Regulations, Terrier Racing takes place in the Main Ring at 5.10pm.

Sponsor of all classes: Roger Skinner Ltd Judge: Mr Mike Vines Steward: David Jones

  1. Puppy, rough or smooth, best type working terrier – 6-12 months
  2. Dog, rough, Russell type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  3. Dog, smooth, Russell type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  4. Dog, Lakeland type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  5. Dog, Border type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  6. Dog, Patterdale type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  7. Bitch, rough, Russell type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  8. Bitch, smooth, Russell type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  9. Bitch, Lakeland type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  10. Bitch, Border type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  11. Bitch, Patterdale type only, best working terrier – over 1 year
  12. Veteran – over 7 years
  13. Couples – over 1 year
  14. Child Handler (5 to 15 years)
  15. Supreme Champion – all dogs placed in Classes 2-11

Terrier Racing – Main Ring at 5.10pm

Sponsors: Jonstone Oils

£2 per entry. Perpetual Cup for the winner.

Managed by: Ricky Coombe

Great fun and very competitive, watch the drive and determination as the terriers try to catch that lure! The inherited hunting instinct is clearly on display for all to see in an entertaining way. Open to all terriers. Anyone can enter their Terrier on the day, just turn up at the Main Ring shortly before the event. 


Lurcher Racing

Lurcher Show – in Dog Show Arena near South Catering

Choke chains are not permitted int he show ring

Entries taken on the field. £2 per entry. Rosettes 1st-5th.
Judging commences at 11.00am.
Lurcher Show NOT subject to Kennel Club Regulations. Lurcher Racing approx 3pm after Lurcher Show

Judge: Mrs Julie Fricker Steward: David Jones, Susan Crighton

  1. Dog Puppy – 6-12 months
  2. Bitch Puppy – 6-12 months
  3. Champion Puppy from Classes 1 and 2
  4. Smooth Dog – Under 23”
  5. Smooth Bitch – Under 23”
  6. Rough Dog – Under 23”
  7. Rough Bitch – Under 23”
  8. Smooth Dog – Over 23”
  9. Smooth Bitch – Over 23”
  10. Rough Dog – Over 23”
  11. Rough Bitch – Over 23”
  12. Veteran (over 7 years)
  13. Sight Hounds
  14. Best Coursing Dog or Bitch
  15. Best Rabbiting Dog or Bitch
  16. Pairs (mix or match)
  17. Child Handler (5 to 15 years)
  18. Supreme Champion for 1st placed dogs in Classes 4 - 11

Simulated Coursing – Main Ring at 9.30am

Sponsor: Clifton Cameras Ltd

Entries from 9.15am near the Control Bus at the South Entrance to the Main Ring.” Managed by Derbyshire Lurchers and Longdogs

Lurcher Racing – In front of Frampton Court at approximately 3.00pm

All Lurchers must be muzzled for racing. Run by the Derbyshire Lurchers and Longdogs and subject to ground and weather conditions. Open to all. 

Gun Dog Events


Gun Dog Scramble The Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association is dedicated to promoting sustainable Wildfowling on the Severn estuary through their three key principles of Conservation, Education and Recreation. The association was formed over 50 years ago by a group of local wildfowlers who had the vision and foresight to identify the need to protect both wildfowl and wildfowling to guarantee the future of the sport. The club now offers members extensive opportunities to pursue this ancient art in a 21st century context through managed access to over 30 miles of foreshore on both sides of the estuary, over land which is either owned or leased by the association. The GWA has successfully managed the shooting on Frampton Marshes since 1957 and enjoys the ongoing support of the WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre.

The GWA welcomes novices and experienced shooters alike and has vacancies for new members. They have a well established structure for introducing newcomers to the sport. If you’re interested in the ancient craft of Wildfowling please visit either of the GWA stands overlooking the main arena and the lake.

Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association.
Conservation, Education and Recreation in action on The Severn Estuary 

WATER RETRIEVER RACING – 11am on the Orangery Pond.

Water Retriever Racing

Sponsor: Clifton Cameras Ltd who will present the winner with a pair of high tech "Hawk" binoculars

A fun race in the Orangery Pond between some of the more unusual breeds of gun dogs. All of those taking part are used for water work on driven shoots, duck ponds or wildfowling. Two dogs from each breed will race each other against the clock in a simulated set of water retrieves from the Orangery Pond. This is a great opportunity to see a real mix of working gundogs compete against each other. Taking part today are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Curly Coated Retrievers, Flat Coat Retrievers,Golden Retrievers, Irish Water Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Clumber Spaniels

Always drawing a large crowd, this event will have the canine competitors lined up to meet you for 15 minutes beforehand (and afterwards, but you may well get wet!). 


Gundog Scramble

Stewards: Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association
Open Class - Prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd – a sack of dog food for each. The dog and handler’s scramble is timed, with the dog off the lead. Time faults will be added for any obstacles not negotiated correctly or if the dog does not retrieve the two dummies. £2 per entry.

The dog has to retrieve a dummy from water, then both dog and handler have to race around the pond, get in a boat, travel across the pond, a second retrieve and then go over some bales and race to the finish line. Phew!

The winner will hold the Scramble Trophy presented by Caroline Ractliffe, Frampton Country Fair Secretary (1992-2000). 


Gundog Retrieval

Steward: Andrew Bower
Competitors will be required to send their dog to retrieve two dummies, leaping over bales of straw of varying heights. The dog must retrieve the dummies separately. Prizes will be awarded for the shortest timed retrieves. Prizes 1st-3rd £2 per entry.

There will be a separate event for Junior Handlers (5 to 15 years) where both the handler and dog retrieve the dummies - £1 per entry. Rosettes 1st-3rd Winner’s trophy. First prize will receive a bag of dog food donated by Roger Skinner Ltd. 


Gundog Scurry

Stewards: Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association
The competition is open to all breeds, shapes and sizes of gundog. The dog must retrieve two dummies separately, which includes a retrieve from the lake. The event is timed and the shortest timed retrieve wins. £2 per entry.

The winner of each class holds a perpetual cup or shield for one year: 

  • Labradors & Retrievers
  • Spaniels
  • Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association