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Wye Valley Axe Men

The Wye Valley Axemen have members from Rhayader, Llanidloes and Newtown areas, with their ages varying from sixteen to sixty.  

Since forming in 2007, the Wye Valley Axemen have been giving crowd pleasing displays at events across Mid Wales and the Borders. Contained within the displays are speed, skill and accuracy using razor sharp axes and saws as we bring to life the lumber jack techniques of years gone by. They race against each other and the clock - a truly exciting and skillful display.

Flight of the Swans

Sacha Dench, the 'Human Swan', flew her paramotor alongside thousands of swans on their 4,500 mile migratory journey. 

Her journey, which included flying over Russian Tundra, home to polar bears and wolves, covered 11 countries, and enabled Sacha to see first hand the hazards and habits of these amazing birds.

Sacha will fly into the Main Ring to join us and relay more about her remarkable journey.



Terrier Racing

A hugely popular event, rounding off an action-packed day in the Main Ring. A series of heats leads to the grand final. This is highly entertaining as the Terriers are often distracted by each other and the “Hare” becomes secondary, frequently leading to chaos! Anyone can enter their Terrier today.

Bale Push

Unique to Frampton Country Fair The Bale Push is a test of strength and stamina against the clock. Each team will have to negotiate an obstacle course, along the full length of the 120m ring pushing an enormous silage bale – trust me they are very heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. The two teams in the final will have to do it all over again but this time three-legged! Last year’s winning team return to defend their champion status. The teams competing in this feat of endurance and determination are Anchors Aweigh, Carmichael’s Crusaders, The Bears and Smiths (Gloucester).

Poppy Jump - by Jump 4 Heroes

Parachutists from Jump4Heroes are helping to raise money for the Royal British Legion. Last year nearly £2,000 was given by our visitors buying “beer mats” for £1.00 each (or more if you wish). Let’s beat that this year! All you have to do is put your details on the back of a mat and it will be placed into a bucket in the Main Ring. After landing each man will pick some mats from the bucket and the person that bought that mat will win a prize! ALL the proceeds from the sale of the beer mats will be given to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Cotswold Carthorse Society

The Cotswold Cart Horse Society has been attending Frampton Country Fair for many years. The Prize-winners from this year’s Annual Show are displayed in the Main Ring and the Jim Wiggett Cup for the best entry from a CCHS member will be presented during the parade. These beautiful and magnificent animals really look stunning. Do go over to the Heavy Horse Ring in the North end of the Showground to see the entrants in all their finery throughout the day. Their Annual Show starts at 11.00am.

Hawkeye Falconry UK

We are delighted to welcome Hawkeye UK back to Frampton this year after his excellent debut in 2015, fronted by Alistair Leese, bringing the ancient art of Falconry to the modern age. The breathtaking and far reaching display contains a unique mix of raptors. Watch as the Mexican Harris Hawks love to perform their range of skills and at times two or more are flown together. The Peregrine Falcons can reach speeds of up to 242mph whilst the Icelandic Gyr Falcon gains heights of up to 1000ft above the crowd returning to earth with a dramatic swoop.

Tent Pegging

In 1815, after the Battle of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington started converting some of his light dragoons into Lancer regiments to counter the Polish lancers in Napoleon’s Grande Armee.

By mid Victorian times cavalrymen of the British regiments were stationed in India, which included the land on the North West Frontier later to become Pakistan. They would train back in camp on tent pegs driven into the ground, for Skill at Arms practice and for Military Tattoos.

Aerobatic Display

Simon Johnson, one of the UK's top aerobatic pilots performed the most breathtaking display at last year’s Country Fair and is returning to us this year. Simon will perform in his Extra 330SC, the world’s newest and most advanced aerobatic aircraft. Produced by Extra Aircraft of Germany, the Extra 330SC is lighter, faster and more manoeuvrable than any other aircraft of its type. The Extra tumbles and rotates at awe inspiring rates in almost any attitude, achieving speeds of 250mph whilst subjecting the pilot to forces in excess of +/- 10g.


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