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El-ver Eating Competition

Elvers have been fished from the River Severn for centuries and there is a display of the nets used in the Living Working Countryside Area. Also known as glass eels, they hatch in the seaweed-strewn Sargasso Sea, drifting across the Atlantic for nearly two years to our local rivers where they can take anything from five to fifteen years to mature into adults. They then reverse the journey made in infanthood to breed and die. In recent years elvers have become a delicacy worth more than their weight in gold due to their ever increasing scarcity. This is largely thought to be because of the difficulties the eels have in negotiating barriers and water pumps on both journeys, over fishing and the loss of habitat.  Conservationists are working to create eel-friendly exits to help them negotiate these obstacles safely. 2015 saw a bumper harvest which offers a ray of hope.

A fiercely contested elver eating competition was held annually on the Green here in Frampton for many years, but the scarcity of elvers meant it had to cease. However last year it was reinstated using an elver substitute. We continue the competition here at Frampton Country Fair and we are using the eco-friendly Spanish alternative Surimi

If you would like to be a competitor in this event please register at the Countryside Ring 10 minutes before the start of each heat. 


Sunday, September 9, 2018 - 12:30 to 12:50
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