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09:20 am to 09:30 am

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09:25 am to 10:10 am

Lurchers had the reputation of being poachers' dogs and "untrained killers” but have now become recognised as respected members of the field sports fraternity. They are often used for pest control, mostly on rabbits and are a purpose-bred crossbreed. Very biddable and making excellent pets they quite happy to live alongside other animals in the family home, providing they have been properly trained. This very popular event is great fun to watch.
Anyone can enter their Lurcher/Longdog for the Simulated Coursing; in fact any breed is welcome. Entry is at the Main Ring near the Control Bus from 9.15am

This event is proudly sponsored by: Clifton Cameras Ltd

10:10 am to 10:40 am

The parade of classic tractors and traction engines is a firm favourite with our visitors, many of whom can remember similar machines in use on farms in our area. There is a super variety of makes and models and years on display today and some of them will have harvesting equipment attached. Those of you wanting a close-up view can see the static display of the tractors and engines near the Farmers' Market throughout the day. 

This event is proudly sponsored by: TH Norman Agricultural Contracting

14:30 pm to 14:40 pm

Drones are becoming more and more prevalent in this modern age. New legislation has been put in place so they are used responsibly. Whilst giving us a bird’s eye view of the area drones also have a place in the agricultural world - from checking on stock, fencing and crops to following poachers. There will also be the possibility of having a supervised go at flying a drone on the Clifton Cameras stand.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Clifton Cameras Ltd

14:40 pm to 15:20 pm

A spectacular demonstration of horsemanship from Horse Master Ben Atkinson and his Team. His father Mark has been training horses and riders for over twenty years for Film, TV and Live Events and Ben learnt to ride as he learnt to walk. His highly trained horses will demonstrate every form of stunt you can think of and then some more and if they can’t do it - it probably isn’t worth doing. These horses have recently been seen in Poldark, Victoria and Peaky Blinders and a whole range of well known action movies. This is a great opportunity to see the great relationship between horse and rider and what hours of dedicated training can achieve – perhaps we should add “don’t try this at home!” An absolute “must” to watch.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Hampton's International

11:30 am to 12:00 pm

The display this year are from Martin Harris and Martin Love. The Martins have over 50 years of experience between them in handling and training gundogs. They are renowned for both their innovative approach and modern ideas. Their training is encapsulated in the following quote:

“Tell me and I’ll forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I’ll understand.”

Using their own dogs they will endeavour to break down each aspect of training and take you through the stages step by step.

The Martins will be available during the day to give free gundog training advice on their stand near the Countryside Ring and they are also doing a demonstration in the Countryside Ring at 2.40pm.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Naylor Powell Estate Agents

12:00 pm to 12:45 pm

One of the most exciting Main Ring events, the relay is hugely popular. As usual, teams from across the West Country and South Wales compete against each other and against the clock in order to gain one of the four places in the finals. Seriously competitive high speed galloping and jumping horses along with human powered wheelbarrows; it really does make for heart thumping moments – especially for the organisers!! The excitement is electric during the relay so come and watch this thrilling event. 

This event is proudly sponsored by: Lady's Wood Shooting School

12:45 pm to 13:15 pm

Despite the Government's ban on Hunting with Hounds, hunts throughout the country continue to keep within the law and meet regularly during the season to exercise their hounds and horses. We are very pleased to welcome the following splendid packs:


Berkeley Foxhounds

Cotswold Vale Foxhounds

Devon & Somerset Staghounds

Leadon Vale Basset Hounds

Severn Vale Beagles

The Deerhound Club

Three Counties Mink Hounds

This event is proudly sponsored by: Tree Management Tree Surgeons

13:15 pm to 13:35 pm

The four final teams will be competing for the trophy. This is always a very hard fought finale. No-one gives way and each team intends to win!

This event is proudly sponsored by: Lady's Wood Shooting School

13:35 pm to 13:50 pm

Simon Johnson, one of the UK's top aerobatic pilots performed the most breathtaking display at last year’s Country Fair and is returning to us again this year. Simon will perform in his Extra 330SC, the world’s most advanced aerobatic aircraft. Produced by Extra Aircraft of Germany, the Extra 330SC is lighter and more manoeuvrable than any other aircraft of its type. The Extra tumbles and rotates at awe-inspiring rates in almost any attitude, achieving speeds of 250mph whilst subjecting the pilot to forces in excess of +/- 10 g. Today’s display will give spectators a fascinating insight into the precision and complexity of modern unlimited aerobatics.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Winfield Hospital

13:50 pm to 14:30 pm

In 1815, after the Battle of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington started converting some of his light dragoons into Lancer regiments to counter the Polish lancers in Napoleon’s Grande Armee.


By mid Victorian times cavalrymen of the British regiments were stationed in India, which included the land on the North West Frontier later to become Pakistan. They would train back in camp on tent pegs driven into the ground, for Skill at Arms practice and for Military Tattoos.


To commemorate 1915, the skilful art of Tent Pegging will be demonstrated this year

in WW1 Cavalry khaki, by teams from the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, the Countess of

Mountbatten's Own Frontiersmen and the Royal Logistic Corps. We are also delighted to welcome back representatives from Pakistan demonstrating their zest for this traditional sport which is so important to their cultural past.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Warres Port

15:20 pm to 16:00 pm

We are delighted to welcome Hawkeye UK back to Frampton this year after his excellent debut in 2015, fronted by Alistair Leese, bringing the ancient art of Falconry to the modern age. The breathtaking and far reaching display contains a unique mix of raptors. Watch as the Mexican Harris Hawks love to perform their range of skills and at times two or more are flown together. The Peregrine Falcons can reach speeds of up to 242mph whilst the Icelandic Gyr Falcon gains heights of up to 1000ft above the crowd returning to earth with a dramatic swoop. It is also an opportunity to see British Barn Owls, including the rare Black Barn Owl fly silently together to children and adults in the ring. The friendly but determined little Kestrel will also be flown and last but not least…the Turkmenian Eagle Owl, with its huge 6ft wingspan will spellbind you as she glides effortlessly over the crowd in a fantastic opportunity to see this beautiful bird at close quarters. Alistair will also be demonstrating his birds in the Countryside Ring at 10.50am. He has a stand in the Living Working Countryside area where you can go and see the birds and talk to the team.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Clifton Cameras Ltd

16:00 pm to 16:15 pm

Parachutists from Jump4Heroes are helping to raise money for the Royal British Legion. In 2015 nearly £2,000 was given by our visitors buying “beer mats” for £1.00 each (or more if you wish). Let’s beat that this year! All you have to do is put your details on the back of a mat and it will be placed into a bucket in the Main Ring. After landing each man will pick some mats from the bucket and the person that bought that mat will win a prize! ALL the proceeds from the sale of the beer mats will be given to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Buy a mat throughout the day from cadets and veterans and other volunteers all around the Showground or from the British Legion stand on the Main Ring.


There is more information about the excellent work they do to support all veterans, old and new and their families on page …..GWP ADD PAGE NUMBER OF Royal British Legion info here.

The prizes this year are:

1 Hour’s Shooting Lesson for One (All inclusive of Gun, 100 clays and cartridges) – Lady’s Wood Shooting School

2 Framed Prints – Taylor Made Frames (stand in the Craft tent)

2 Tickets - Cattle Country Adventure Park

2 Tickets – Dean Forest Railway

3 Cuddly Toys – Farmyard Novelties (stand on the Showground)

Bottle Sloe Gin – Gun Dog Gin (stand in the Country Kitchen)

Bears 4 Heroes Certificated & Jump Trained Individual Teddy Bear – This bear will jump with the team today

Brewery Tour for 2 – Hillside Brewery

Champagne Flight in a Hot Air Balloon for Two – Ballooning in the Cotswolds

Family Ticket, Tour & Guide Book - Berkeley Castle

Family Ticket to 2017 Circus  - Gifford’s Circus

Family Ticket to a Match During 16/17 Season – Gloucester Rugby Club

Jewellery – Diana Ingram Jewellery (stand in the Craft Marquee

Monster Christmas Pudding (serves 18!) – Georgie Porgies Puddings (stand in the                                                                                                                      Country Kitchen)

Signed Shirt – Gloucester Rugby Club

This event is also sponsored by L2 Professinal Services

This event is proudly sponsored by: JE2 Ltd

16:15 pm to 16:45 pm

Unique to Frampton Country Fair The Bale Push is a test of strength and stamina against the clock. Each team will have to negotiate an obstacle course, along the full length of the 120m ring pushing an enormous silage bale – trust me they are very heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. The two teams in the final will have to do it all over again but this time three-legged! Last year’s winning team return to defend their champion status. The teams competing in this feat of endurance and determination are Anchors Aweigh, Carmichael’s Crusaders, The Bears and Smiths (Gloucester).


Once again Roger Godwin has kindly agreed to officiate and to encourage our teams to keep to the rules! The Wild Cider Company are generously providing the team prizes (they have a stand in the Country Kitchen Marquee).

This event is proudly sponsored by: The Wild Cider Company

16:45 pm to 17:15 pm

The Cotswold Cart Horse Society has been attending Frampton Country Fair for many years. The Prize-winners from this year’s Annual Show are displayed in the Main Ring and the Jim Wiggett Cup for the best entry from a CCHS member will be presented during the parade. These beautiful and magnificent animals really look stunning. Do go over to the Heavy Horse Ring in the North end of the Showground to see the entrants in all their finery throughout the day. Their Annual Show starts at 11.00am. The Carthorses will also be in the Countryside Ring at 12.40pm telling you all about the breeds and the work they still and used to do.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Frampton Country Fair

17:15 pm to 18:05 pm

A hugely popular event, rounding off an action-packed day in the Main Ring. A series of heats leads to the grand final. This is highly entertaining as the Terriers are often distracted by each other and the “Hare” becomes secondary, frequently leading to chaos! Anyone can enter their Terrier today.

This event is proudly sponsored by: Jonstone Oils