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Blessing Of The Fair



The Fair will be blessed by the Revd Stephen Harrison. Steve has a passion for motorbikes so will be accompanied by a number of other bike enthusiasts.



sponsor: Mole country stores

Simulated Coursing

The Simulated Coursing takes place in the Main Ring and is a very popular event - with the dogs, owners and audience alike.

Entries are taken on the day next to the Control Bus; make sure that you enter your Lurcher or Longdog to take part in this exhilarating spectacle. In fact whatever type of dog you have, all breeds are welcome to take part.

Once again we are very pleased to have the Derbyshire Lurchers & Longdogs handling this event for us

Sponsor: T H White Group

Classic Tractors


The parade of classic tractors is a firm favourite with our visitors.

These magnificent machines, as well as parading in the Main Ring, will be on display all day.

Please go and have a chat to the proud owners, many of who will have spent many hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years, restoring these machines back to their former glory! 

We are also very grateful to T H White for the loan of a Tractor to provide much needed help in the set-up and take-down of the Showground



Dartmoor Falconry


Falconry on Horseback shows the amazing combination of the art of horsemanship and falconry. 

Most of the horses used at Dartmoor Falconry are retired racehorses. The agility and speed of these graceful animals is breathtaking. 



InterHunt Relay


Inter Hunt Relay


One of the most exciting Main Ring events, the relay is hugely popular.

8 Teams from across the South West and Wales compete against each other and the clock to gain one of the four places in the Finals

Seriously competitive high speed galloping and jumping horses along with human powered wheelbarrows.

Each team comprises of two mounted riders, a wheel barrow pusher and a wheel barrow rider. All have to negotiate a course which includes a stop for a stirrup cup of Port. Watch the wheelbarrows weaving through the bending poles and over the see-saw, it really can be very entertaining!

Team will be here from across the West Country.

Sponsored by:   

Sponsor: Hurst Haylage

Mass Parade of Hounds

Hunts throughout the country continue to keep within the law and meet on a regular basis during the season to exercise their hounds and horses.

After this magnificent parade from a number of packs you'll be invited to step in the Main Ring to meet the hounds. We are very pleased this year to be welcoming the following splendid packs:

Berkeley Foxhounds : Cotswold Vale Foxhounds : Devon & Somerset Staghounds : Leadon Vale Basset Hounds : Severn Vale Beagles : Sporting Whippet Club : Teckelgarth Otterhounds : The Deerhound Club : Three Counties Mink Hounds


Sponsor: Warres port

Tent Pegging

In mid Victorian times the cavalrymen of the British Regiments stationed in India used tent pegs driven into the ground to hone their skill and to practice for Military Tattoos. The skill is one of only ten equestrian disciplines officially recognised by the International Equestrian Federation. 

This is a very popular spectacle in the Main Ring and we welcome teams from the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, the Countess of Mountbatten's Own Frontiersmen and the Royal Logistic Corps as well as representative from Pakistan demonstrating their verve for this traditional sport which played a prominent part in their cultural past.

Sponsor: Frampton Country Fair

Poppy Jump by the Parachute Display Team

The Poppy Parachute Team will once again be helping to raise money for The Royal British legion. 

Help them to raise much needed funds by buying a 'beer mat' from The Royal British Legion Stand near the Main Ring to have a chance of winning a prize. You can also buy a beer mat from a Cadet or volunteer around the Showground. The beer mats will be placed in a bucket for the parachutists to pick out as they land to select the winners.



Sponsor: The Wild Cider Co

The Tractor Tug


New this year – and no doubt a new trend setter – is the Tractor Tug! This will be a test of strength, stamina and manoeuvrability. Four teams of six people will take on this challenge against each other and against the clock. The Bears, who were the retiring Bale Push World Champions, will be in this thrilling challenge – will they remain Champions in this new and exciting competition?


Terrier Racing

Sponsor: JOE Energy

Terrier Racing

Great fun and very competitive and a brilliant way to end the entertainment in The Main Ring.

Anyone can enter, just turn up at the Main Ring before the event. 

An attempt is made to keep order but the Terriers are often more interested in each other rather than the 'hare' which becomes secondary. Complete mayhem and chaos but hugely entertaining. 

A number of heats are held culminating in the Grand Finale!

Sky High Balloons

Sponsor: Rocket Rentals

Sky High Ballooning

Come and see us take off from the Main Ring

We will be launching 2 balloons so plenty of action to watch!

(weather dependent)




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